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Mosca della frutta - Ceratitis capitata Wied. Atlante di Entomologia Agraria - Insetti dannosi Classificazione e piante ospiti. Classe: Insetti Ordine: Ditteri Sottordine: Brachiceri (sezione Ciclorafi Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann, 1824: Nomi comuni Mosca mediterranea della frutta La mosca mediterranea della frutta o, impropriamente, mosca della frutta (Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann, 1824), è un insetto fitofago dell'ordine dei Ditteri Brachiceri (Sezione Cyclorrhapha Schizophora, sottosezione Acalyptratae, famiglia Tephritidae) Ceratitis capitata, commonly known as the Mediterranean fruit fly or medfly, is a yellow and brown fruit pest that originates from sub-Saharan Africa. C. capitata has no near relatives in the Western Hemisphere and is considered to be one of the most destructive fruit pests in the world. There have been occasional medfly infestations in the states of California, Florida, and Texas that. Ceratitis: Espècie: Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann, 1824) La mosca de la fruita (Ceratitis capitata) és una espècie de dípter de la família dels tefrítids. Filogènia i biogeografia. És originària de la costa occidental d'Àfrica, on viuen espècies molt properes, des d. Ceratitis capitata Wied. Il capo (fig. 2) è piriforme, incassato nel protorace, diviso nella porzione anteriore da una scanalatura mediana in due parti, ognuna delle quali porta un'antenna biarticolata morfologicamente quasi indistinguibile da quelle del Dacus oleae

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La mosca della frutta (Ceratitis capitata) e la mosca dell'olivo (Bactrocera oleae) La mosca della frutta, Ceratitis capitata, è esclusivamente carpofaga e può attaccare numerose specie di piante coltivate e spontanee dei cui frutti si nutrono le larve. Agrumi, drupacee, actinidia e uva possono essere gravemente colpite Ceratitis capitata Wied. Our country is in the 6th place among the peach and nectarine producing countries in the world. 674,136 tons of production is realized, according to 2016's data,In 2011, our province took second place in the production of peaches in our country Deux virus de Ceratitis capitata Wied. souche «J. R. C. Ispra ont été découverts par la technique des passages successifs: le virus I dont les propriétés (morphologie, densité de 1,38 et présence d'ARN) sont celles des Reoviridae, et le virus V que sa morphologie et son ARN rapprochent des Picornaviridae.La densité (1,35) et les réactions sérologiques de V le séparent des trois.

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NAIPC > TWD > Picture Gallery > Distribution map of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Vienna International Centre, PO Box 100, A-1400 Vienna, Austria Telephone: (+431) 2600-0, Facsimile: (+431) 2600-7, E-mail: Official Mai Abstract. Programs to improve strains of mass‐reared Mediterranean fruit flies, Ceratitis capitata (Wied.), that do not meet quality standards and to produce new strains of flies of given specifications are described. Selections for increased mating propensity and irritability were successful in a laboratory context

Contributions to the knowledge of Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera, Tephritidae) in Northern Italy. I. Observations on the biology / I.E. Rigamonti. - In: BOLLETTINO DI ZOOLOGIA AGRARIA E DI BACHICOLTURA. - ISSN 0366-2403. - 36:1(2004), pp. 89-100. IF: Periodico senza Impact Factor: Appare nelle tipologie: 01 - Articolo su periodic Introduction. The Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly), Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), is the most economically important agricultural pest insect in the world. It belongs to the Tephritidae family, the true fruit flies, which is the target of large-scale eradication and suppression programs based on genetic strategies like the sterile insect technique (SIT),

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  1. La Ceratitis capitata Wied., dittero della famiglia Tripaneidae , è un insetto ben conosciuto da molti frutticoitori in conseguenza dei danni, talora ingentissimi, causati a numerose specie di piante da frutto. In alcune regioni, per un ambiente particolarmente favorevole al suo sviluppo, ess
  2. Ethological control of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) Ilich Alberto Figueroa Candia Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Protection Science Department of Plant Protection Biology Alnarp Doctoral thesis Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Alnarp 201
  3. Ethological control of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Wied.). Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Alnarp : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2019:45 ISBN 978-91-7760-408-2 eISBN 978-91-7760-409-9 [Doctoral thesis
  4. Effects of juvenoids on the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) (Diptera, Tephritidae) - Volume 64 Issue 4 - D. S. Daoud, F. Sehna
  5. physiological changes and chemical components of haemolymph of the medfly ceratitis capitata wied. third instar larvae affected by three different prepared botanical extract

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Abstract. Four starter diets (500 eggs/g diet) for rearing the larvae of Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) were assessed in small‐scale laboratory tests. When used for the initial 2 days of larval development bran‐ and Torula yeast‐based starter diets proved the most satisfactory when compared against a bran reference diet (25 eggs/g diet), in terms of larval survival and development time Competitiveness of fertilizers with proteinaceous baits applied in Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera: Tephritidae) control. Author links open overlay The effect of exposure of protein-deprived Ceratitis capitata females to poultry litter on their attraction by the most attractive pure ammonia solution during 5.

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Ceratitis capitata Wied (Diptera: Tephritidae), known also as the med fly, is one of the most widespread and damaging pests of horticulture in the fruit fly group and is recognized by some as the worst pest of citrus and other fruits ( Hill, 1983, Enkerlin & Mamford, 1997 and Teresa et al., 2002 ). C Mediterranean fruit flies Ceratitis capitata (Wied.), from irradiated (sterile) flies prepared by Jorge Guillen (1983). For many years this pictorial manual has been a point of reference to determine the sterility or fertility of Medfly irradiated with 145 Gy two days befor Abstract. The study was carried out at two experimental farms in Ismailia Governorate, Egypt, during season of 2015 and 2016. GF-120 (Conserve ® 0.024% CB) was selected in this study to evaluate its efficacy for controlling the peach fruit fly, Bactrocera zonata (Saunders) and the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wied.), on mango fruits by using partial bait spray and spots method

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Ceratitis capitata Wied

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  1. A biochemical genetic study of alcohol dehydrogenase isozymes of the medfly, Ceratitis capitata Wied. Gasperi G(1), Baruffi L, Malacrida AR, Robinson AS. Author information: (1)Department of Animal Biology, University of Pavia, Italy
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  3. caratteri morfologici distintivi delle larve di dacus oleae gmel., ceratitis capitata wied., rhagoletis cerasi l. (dipt., tephritidae) I Ditteri Tefritidi, sono fra gli insetti più dannosi alle colture fruttifere e già molti Autori hanno condotto su di essi studi di morfo-biologia e sui mezzi di lotta
  4. Adult Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), feeding on a cotton wick soaked with a bait-dye mixture. Photograph by Scott Bauer, USDA. Figure 25. Lateral view of adult Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), regurgitating food. Photograph by Scott Bauer, USDA

Ceratitis capitata traduzione nel dizionario italiano - spagnolo a Glosbe, dizionario online, gratuitamente. Sfoglia parole milioni e frasi in tutte le lingue Les changes morphologiques de Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) pendant la métamorfose dans le puparium sont décrits et correlés avec le temps d'apparition des principaux marqueurs anatomiques. Une table permettant la détermination de l'âge physiologique des stages pupal et adulte est présentée Cuticle formation during the embryonic development of the dipteran Ceratitis capitata Wied GIULIANO CALLAINI ROMANO DALLAI Dipartimento di Biologia Evolutiva, Università di Siena, via Mattioli 4, 1-53100 Siena (Italy) INTRODUCTION The process of cuticle formation has been carefully investigated in insects (see Wigglesworth, 1957 Piège pour la mouche méditerranéenne Ceratitis capitata - Duration: 1:20. La mosca de las frutas (Ceratitis capitata Wied), 1971 - Duration: 6:07. ASECICmedia 30,319 views. 6:07

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  1. fly, Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera: Tephritidae). Significant efficacy of different formulations against the fly has been reported. Spinosad is successfully used for managing this fly [12,13]. This worldwide pest affects many fruits and vegetable crops, often achieving very high population densities an
  2. Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) pp. 386. In Agricultural Insect Pests of the Tropics and Their Control, 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press. 746 pages. Lockwood, S. 1957. Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis capitata. Loose-Leaf Manual of Insect Control. California Department of Agriculture
  3. Ninety four Anastrepha species and medfly - Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) have been reported in Brazil.South American fruit fly - Anastrepha fraterculus (Wied.) and medfly are the most polyphagous species infesting Brazilian fruits, where are known 66 and 58 hosts, respectively (Zucchi 2000, 2001). Fruit flies need sugars and proteinaceous sources to their survival and sexual maturity
  4. The volatile compounds emitted by sexually mature male mediterranean fruit flies (Ceratitis capitata) have been identified and the key component involved in the sexual attraction of virgin female flies to males demonstrated to be the novel sex pheromone 3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrrole (1)
  5. Two African populations of Ceratitis capitata (Kenya and Réunion Isl.) and two Mediterranean ones (Sardinia and Procida Isl.) have been studied for genetic variability at 25 loci by electrophoresis
  6. Controllo della mosca della frutta (Ceratitis capitata Wied.) mediante la tecnica dell'insetto sterile: atti delle Giornate di studio sull'uso di tecniche nucleari per il miglioramento e la difesa dei fruttiferi, C.S.N. Casaccia 8-10 aprile 197

Ceratitis capitata, Wied., is frequently introduced into England in imported fruits, but has not recently been recorded breeding in nature there. In 1939, however, Cox's Orange Pippin apples from a tree in a small garden in Middlesex were found to be infested with maggots that caused premature dropping of the fruit, and two adults reared in November proved to be a male and female of C. The population density for each of the Mediterranean fruit fly C. capitata (MFF) and peach fruit fly B. zonata (PFF) were estimated by using two types of sex lure attractants. These sex lure are Trimedlure and Methyleugenol for capturing males of C

Abstract. Differences in attractiveness of four individualtrans isomers of ceralure (CRL) [ethyl 4- (and 5-) iodo-trans-2-methylcyclohexane-1-carboxylate] for male Mediterranean fruit fly,Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), were investigated. One of the isomers, CRL-B1 (ethylcis-5-iodo-trans-2-methylcyclohexane-1-carboxylate) was significantly superior to the three othertrans-CRL isomers, CRL. Investigations on the distribution and the infestation ratio of Ceratitis capitata on pome and stone fruits were carried out between 2000-2002 in Isparta and Burdur provinces, Turkey. The localities and the crops that the adults of the pest wer

Abstract. Chromosomal recombination suppressors (RS) were induced and studied as part of a programme to induce and isolate temperature-sensitive recessive lethal factors, for subsequent use in genetic sexing mechanisms in the medfly, Ceratitis capitata (Wied.). The presence of induced RS factors was identified through the complete linkage of two morphologicla markers, ap and dc, located 18.25. mediterranean fruit fly (ceratitis capitata (wied) adult detection renca santiago metropolitan sex address - number tramp model tree with trap mature male acapulco mature virgin female dr. emilio san martino lado mature virgin female siete de noviembre young male camilo henriquez mature virgin female anibal montt 2 mature males, 1 young mal Abstract. In the fall of 1923 grapes arriving from Almería, Spain, in New York and Boston were found to be lightly infested with the Mediterranean fruit-fly, Ceratitis Capitata Wied. Further entry was prohibited by the U. S. Federal Horticultural Board until satisfactory evidence could be presented that the grapes were no longer attacked in Spain by this fruit-fly Manual to differentiate wild mediterranean fruit flies Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) from non-irradiated (fertile) and irradiated (sterile) Vienna temperature sensitive lethal strain flies. Manual 1 January 2016. Download PDF (4.75 MB) This manual.

MANUAL TO DIFFERENTIATE WILD, FERTILE MEDITERRANEAN FRUIT FLIES [Ceratitis capitata (Wied.)] FROM IRRADIATED, STERILE, TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE LETHAL FLIES . DISCLAIMER The material in this document has been supplied by the authors. The views expressed remain th Giornate Fitopatologiche 1978 Catania - Acireale 8-10 marzo 1978 Variazioni delle popolazioni di ceratitis capitata Wied. e programmazione della lotta nella frutticoltura sarda*

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Solo in trappole con specifiche sostanze attrattive; solo contro Bactrocera oleae e Ceratitis capitata Wied. This new card is the result of a collaborative agreement between Roma Capitale and Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi. Questa nuova card é il risultato di un accordo di collaborazione tra Roma Capitale e Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi Descriptive analysis of the factors affecting population fluctuation of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata, Wied.) in coffee areas located in Guatemala and its implications in IPM Strategies. in: Sabater-Muñoz, B., Vera, T., Pereira, R. and Orankanok, W., (Eds.), Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Importance. pp. 46-63

Contributions to the knowledge of Ceratitis capitata Wied

  1. Baited attractant traps consisting of cotton-wool soaked with 10% honey + 10% sugar + 0.025 g a.i. deltamethrin inside a yellow container were used to capture Ceratitis capitata on four sweet orange cultivars and tangelo in the field. Although the local cv Agege 1 was most heavily infested, it showed the least level of damage by C. capitata, compared with the others
  2. ate between mass-reared sterile males and wild fertile males, and.
  3. Abstract. Se han realizado experimentos para estudiar la influencia del formaldehido,a diversas concentraciones, sobre el ciclo biológico y comportamiento reproductor de Ceratitis capitata (Wied.).Los resultados de este trabajo muestran que solamente afecta al tiempo de pupación

Si, además, se irradian pupas de nueve dias de edad con radiación gamma a 1.500 rads., 1.600 rads. y 1.700 rads., la reducción de los niveles de fecundidad y fertilidad es del mismo orden que si este tratamiento se realizara sobre pupas procedentes de larvas criadas en dietas standards.The adition of several concentrations of 5-Fluorouracil to the larval diet of Ceratitis capitata (WIED. Ceratitis capitata Wied., Ceratitis rosa Karsch, and Ceratitis (Trirhithrum) coffeae Bezzi. The life cycle of C. capitata is well documented (Back and Pemberton, 1918; Christenson and Foote, 1960; Carnegie, 1962) but has been included here together with the life cycles of the other two species for comparative purposes. In thi

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Influence de quelques éléments du comportement de cour de Ceratitis (Ceratitis) capitata (Wied.) (Diptera : Tephritidae) sur la réussite de l'accouplement. Blard Fabrice. 1998. Villetaneuse : Université de Paris-Nord, 27 p. Mémoire DESS: Ethologie Appliquée: Université de Paris-Nor Henry H. P. Severin, Ph. D.; The Life History of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis Capitata Wied.) With a List of Fruits Attacked in the Hawaiian Islands Solo in trappole con specifiche sostanze attrattive; solo contro Bactrocera oleae e Ceratitis capitata Wied. Tylko w pułapkach zawierających określone środki wabiące; tylko przeciwko Batrocera oleae i Ceratitis capitata Wied. eurlex-diff-2018-06-20 eurlex-diff-2018-06-2

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Development of chemical control of the Mediterranean fruit fly of citrus in Algeria (Ceratitis capitata Wied.). Abstract Changes in the methods of control used between 1974 and 1984 are described. Low volume aerial spraying of insecticide/insect attractant mixtures at 1.5-2 litres/ha gradually became the accepted method during this period Середземноморська плодова муха (Ceratitis capitata) — вид мух, що здатний завдавати великої шкоди. The Flight of Two Thousand Marked Male Mediterranean Fruit Flies (Ceratitis Capitata Wied.) By. Severin, H H P Hartung, W J Type. Article. Date of Publication. 1912. Original Publication. Annals of the Entomological Society of America. Volume. 5. Pages. 400--407. Contributed by. BioStor. DOI Mayas, I, Nehme, M, & Hassan, A. Effects of fractionation of the sterilizing dose of radiation on emergence, fertility, and competitivity of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata Wied. Lebanon Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata Wied.) (Diptera: Tephritidae) on pome and stone fruits in Isparta and Burdur provinces (Turkey). Munis Entomology & Zoology 3 (1): 231-238] ABSTRACT: Investigations on the distribution and the infestation ratio of Ceratitis capitata

of Ceratitis capitata Wied. 1824 (Diptera: Tephritidae) K. Bachi and D. Sadoudi- Ali Ahmed Laboratoire de Production, Sauvegarde des Espèces Menacées et des Récoltes. Influence des variations climatiques. Université Mouloud Mammeri de Tizi Ouzou, Algeria.. .*Correspondence Find more results about capita. More information about capita Sono state condotte osservazioni per verificare l'efficacia della tecnica di difesa meccanica, insacchettamento, da Ceratitis capitata Wied. adottata nei pescheti di Leonforte (EN), a confronto con lalotta chimica a calendario As a consequence of the presence in Spain of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Wied), the export of citrus to countries which are exempt of this pest is restricted by plant quarantine regulations. A series of trials using standard bioassay procedures followed by large-scale export tests, were conducted on Clementine mandarins

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Effects of juvenoids on the Mediterranean fruit fly

Field attraction of Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) to synthetic stereoselective enantiomers of the ceralure B1 isomer. Trans-ceralure isomers: differences in attraction for Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) (Diptera: Tephritidae) rimentali contro Ceratitis capitata (Wied.). La protezione delle colture, 3: 43-45. Di Franco F. (2009b) - La lotta alla mosca mediterranea della frutta: stato attuale e prospettive. Convegno «Il clementine di Calabria: problemi tecnici e strategie di intervento». Corigliano Scalo (Cosen-za), 8 maggio. Di Franco F., Di Leo A., Filippelli S., Ta

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Control de la mosca mediterránea de la fruta (Ceratitis

A starter diet for mass‐rearing larvae of the

Distribution and function of the antennal olfactory sensilla in Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera, Trypetidae) / BIGIANI A; SCALERA G; CRNJAR R; TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA I; MAGHERINI PC; PIETRA P. Distribution details in Egypt of Ceratitis capitata (CERTCA) M.H. (2000) Integrated control of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) in apricot orchards in Egypt. Egyptian Journal of is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information from this project subsequently included in the EPPO Global Database A new mechanised cultural practice to reduce Ceratitis capitata Wied. populations in area-wide IPM The Mediterranean fruit fly (or medfly), Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae), affects most of the fruit species grown in temperate and tropical climate regions, causing significant economic damage

The fruit flies, Pterandrus rosa (Ksh.) and Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) were observed to follow distinctly different diurnally cyclical patterns in their mating habits. Temperature thresholds were found but light intensity was the most important environmental factor having a bearing on the differences in mating habits of the two species. Mating by C. capitata was inhibited by light intensities. BioAssay 2:7 (2007) ISSN: 1809-8460 BIOLOGICAL CONTROL: Pathogenicity of the Entomopathogenic Fungi and Nematode on Medfly Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) (Diptera: Tephritidae). JOSÉ E. M. ALMEIDA 1, ANTONIO BATISTA FILHO 1, FERNANDA C. OLIVEIRA 2 E ADALTON RAGA 3. 1 Instituto Biológico/APTA, Biological Control Lab. C.P. 70, CEP 13001-970 Campinas-SP E-mail: jemalmeida@biologico.sp.gov.b A concerted effort is under way to analyze, at the genetic, biochemical, and molecular level, theAdh gene system in the medflyCeratitis capitata, an important agricultural pest. The isoelectric focusing (IEF) pattern of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) of the medfly demonstrates the presence of two well-differentiated, genetically independent dimeric proteins, called ADH-1 and ADH-2

Management of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis Capitata Wied.) Using Pheromone Traps and Neem Seed Extrac mediterranean fruit fly (ceratitis capitata (wied) adult detection locality conchali santiago metropolitan date sexual condition detection n° number of detections sexual characteristicdistrict - region address - number trap model tree trap location 6305972 343411 conchali-metropolitan praga 5670 jackson - tml plum (prunus sp. Mediteranska voćna muha-Ceratitis capitata Wied. Mediteranska voćna muha je karantenski štetnik na A2 listi za Hrvatsku. Kako je proširena u mediteranskom području, nazvana je mediteranskom voćnom muhom, a pošto često napada breskvu nazvana je i breskvinom muhom. Od 200 biljnih vrsta, koliko ih napada, najradije napada breskvu. Bjeliš M, Radunić D, Masten T, Kotlar A (2007) Spatial distribution and temporal outbreaks of medfly Ceratitis capitata Wied.(Diptera, Tephritidae) in Republic of Croatia. 8th Slovenian conference on plant protection. 44. Bjeliš M, Ljubetić V, Novosel N (2006) Control of Medfly by SIT in the Nereva River Valley

Differences in attractiveness of four individualtrans isomers of ceralure (CRL) [ethyl 4- (and 5-) iodo-trans-2-methylcyclohexane-1-carboxylate] for male Mediterranean fruit fly,Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann), were investigated. One of the isomers, CRL-B1 (ethylcis-5-iodo-trans-2-methylcyclohexane-1-carboxylate) was significantly superior to the three othertrans-CRL isomers, CRL, trimedlure. The overwintering of the Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly), Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) at the northern limits of its geographic distribution is not yet well known. With the aim of estimating the survival rate of medfly adults in northeast Spain under natural winter conditions, a two-winter-season trial was carried out. A control was carried out in a climatic chamber at 25°C Самки Ceratitis capitata за розмірами дещо менші ніж звичайна домашня муха, завдовжки 4,5 мм зі строкатим забарвленням. Вони відкладають яйця під шкірку дозріваючих плодів, проколюючи її яйцекладом

Ceratitis capitata fordítása a angol - magyar szótárban, a Glosbe ingyenes online szótárcsaládjában. Böngésszen milliónyi szót és kifejezést a világ minden nyelvén Spatial distribution and temporal outbreaks of medfly 325 4 CONCLUSIONS The mediteranean fruit fly - Ceratitis capitata Wied. is regular pest in the Croatian sea side lowlands. The flight period of the pest was recorded from early July till early December, with some oscilations between the season and between the years FEASIBILITY STUDY OF MEDFLY (Ceratitis capitata Wied.) CONTROL BY STERILE INSECT TECHNIQUE IN NERETVA RIVER VALLEY Mario BJELIŠ 1Institute for Plant Protection in Agriculture and Foresty of Republic of Croatia, Solin ABSTRACT The medfly - Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Tephritidae) invaded Neretva river valley 25 years ago

V WSF, Juazeiro - Jair virgínio - Técnica do InsetoRusya, 4 ton nar ve 20 ton domatesi Türkiye’ye geriPráticas culturais e Pragas e doenças na cultura do marmeleiro

Author Related Publications. Ahmed Mahmoud Zaki Mosallam, Studies On The Mediterranean Fruit Fly Ceratitis Capitata (wied And Its Contro, Zagazig, 1993 Mor The present study investigated under laboratory conditions the use of entomopathogenic nematodes strains separately or in combinations, as biological control agent of Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera, Tephritidae). In the first bioassay, eight strains were used separately (Steinernema carpocapsae NCALL, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora HP88, H. baujardi LPP7, H. indica. Background and Objective: Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) is one of the most destructive insect-pests of vegetable and horticultural crops in Egypt. Conventional insecticides, especially malathion have been applied extensively to control this pest. The present study aimed to monitor whether the field-strain of C. capitata has developed a.

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